Welcome to the Journey to A Healthy Difference!

Hello and welcome to A Healthy Difference! I am Ann Rolle, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner  and Transformation Health Coach specializing in women’s health.

You deserve a life that lights you up. You deserve to feel energized, healthy and confident.

Think that sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

I empower health-minded, busy women,  to manage their hormones, digestive issues, stress, weight, and help them boost energy levels,  so that  they can be their healthiest, and look  and feel their best.

You are unique. No two people are alike.

Using my several years of training in Holistic Nutrition, Metabolic Typing,  Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Transformational Coaching, plus decades of experience,  I am here to help you understand how to restore balance in your body, mind, and spirit so that you enjoy better health. When you feel your best, you can be your best! I create individualized, personalized health-rebuilding programs for you which are realistic and sustainable, to get you back to your most powerful self.

Are you ready to step into this version of you, to embrace healthy as a way of being, and to stop settling for anything less than you deserve when it comes to your health and happiness?  Stop chasing symptoms and enjoy the benefits of taking charge of your health.

I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute session with me:

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Creating a Healthy Difference

Wherever you are starting from or are going through, on your health journey, you need the right guidance, information and support. Through one-on-one coaching or group programs, we’ll work together and set strategies to help you succeed. That’s what I’m here for.

I had serious health issues: hypertension, asthma and obesity. After working with Ann using the Metabolic Typing diet with lifestyle changes, my asthma was controlled, I feel great and look better than I have in years. My sessions with her had a tremendous effect on my life physically and spiritually.

– Cecilia C.

I was looking for a lifetime change; I was constantly tired, ate junk food, constipated, overweight, with no energy to play with my newborn baby. Working with Ann, I lost over 30lbs. I found out that the type of foods you eat determine how you feel and look. –Now I’m so happy that I can keep up with my son!

– Aniska B.

“After 6 weeks on the Metabolic Typing Diet, I noticed a huge difference the way my body felt, which was more energetic and upbeat. Ann is a great adviser in helping me to achieve my health goals. I highly recommend this program if you’ve struggled with poor eating habits.”

– Valderine B.

“After countless monthly visits to doctors due to stomach problems and numerous blood works to find a solution, Ann introduced me to ‘Eating for your Metabolic Type’. The plan has improved my life tremendously. My meeting with Dr. Ann was a blessing. I highly recommend that you try this program.”

– Cynthia M.

“In desperation and fearful, I sought and found alternative help under the support and guidance of Dr. Rolle. What a relief! I was happy I made the decision to go the natural way to resolve my uterine fibroids. The process was safe, inexpensive, non-invasive and now enjoy a better lifestyle.”


“It wasn’t only the diet part, however to my surprise speaking with Dr. Rolle, I realized my need to have someone to speak to about my feelings, my dreams, my worries, my stress and my life in general. That was a relief; now I can think and feel better. No need for a hysterectomy, my health improved.”


“Before working with Ann, I was getting a lot of severe migraine headaches during menstruation and experiencing other small health challenges including hormone imbalance. With Ann’s support I was able to stay on track with my Metabolic Typing diet and enjoy different recipes given.”

Noel D.

“When I look back at the moment I decided to do this for myself, I do so with little regret. Dr. Rolle listened to everything I said and the things I didn’t have to say. I started the program because I wanted to lose weight, but I realize that I had deeper problems than my weight.”


“I loved working with Ann. She is kind, caring, humble, a great listener. She made me more mindful of how and what I ate affected my health. I lost about 18 pounds in 8 weeks for the first time in years, I reduced my blood sugar, and was able ‘ditch’ my beloved beef hotdogs for good.”


“When I look back at the moment when my doctor referred me to Dr. Rolle, I am happy I decided to stick with the program. If you struggle with weight problems, chronic disease, depression and don’t feel good about yourself, I highly recommend Dr. Rolle’s program.”


“I began my program with a customized diet (Metabolic Typing diet) plan, a regiment of supplements and lifestyle measures to restore my digestive and overall health, avoidance of my allergy causing foods, and saw the positive changes in my digestive health, weight and sleep pattern which improved within a few weeks.”