Metabolic Typing

Food is the biggest healer of all… Until the correct diet and lifestyle is in place health will not resume.

As individuals we are all biochemically different with unique genetic needs.  It is said that, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.” Everyone has a unique genetic requirement for the type of foods and food ratios that the body needs to be healthy. Metabolic Typing is an advanced testing method used to determine which metabolic type is expressed genetically.

Metabolic Typing is effective, customized nutrition.  You discover what foods and food ratios are ideal for your metabolism. With the right resources and support,  the body goes through the process of balancing itself and gradually rebuilding  and restoring health. There is no calorie counting nor scales.

Short term benefits as the body balances are: less cravings,  satisfied  feeling after meals, increase energy, improved mental clarity and balanced emotions.

Long term benefits are: natural weight loss, enhanced immunity,  prevention of chronic degenerative disease, slowing of the aging process.


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Discover your MT!

Get your plan to guide you through true vitality and health. 

Your MT Questionnaire analysis includes: physical and diet related traits, psychological traits, cravings, foods likes and dislikes. Those  all play a role in determining  your Mt type.

My role as your Advisor?

I provide information, guidance, coaching , emotional  and ongoing support.

You learn to understand your own “body language” so you can fine-tune your macronutrient ratios (proteins, fat and carbohydrates) to your specific individual requirements.

I  monitor your individual nutritional and supplement needs as they change, adjust your program when necessary, and identify when a retest is needed, so you can achieve your desired results.

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