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    Our experts review some of this year’s hottest tips for holidaying at home this summer


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    Bahamas Healthcare – Watch out a new disease has been found!

    HealthNews of the Month Click on each headline to read the full story. A New Condition Created By Big Pharma -Video “These drugs were then marketed for a new condition that was created by the pharmaceutical industry.” I’ll have what they’re having: Do social norms influence food choices? “Social norms, including having [...]

    Bahamas Healthcare – Finally the Truth About Cholesterol

    HealthNews of the Month Click on each headline to read the full story. Chicken Superbug-More Than 50 Percent of Chicken Has Superbug Bacteria “More than 50 percent of the samples had fecal contaminants, which cause blood and urinary-tract infections, among other potential problems.” UK medicines regulator slams door on herbal food supplements “Botanical food supplements deemed medicinal have less [...]

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